'OMNI' D&AD New blood Awards 
DMU GD/GDIL Boot Camp 2020
'OMNI' Was a collaborative project with two other students George Coles and Nadine Roberts. We worked together strategising, developing concepts, designing outcomes and performing presentations to local industry professionals as part of our University's 'D&AD Boot Camp' in February 2020.   
The brief we chose was set by Google. The task was to use Google fonts in an innovative way that comments on a social issue through the theme of music. We chose to focus on gender-fluidity in the music industry, how prestigious music awards discriminate by gender and what effect that has on young music fans. 

Based on this we conceptualised a music streaming service called 'OMNI' that allows listeners to stream and share their favourite empowering songs. UX/UI design would be used to create kinetic type within the app showing the lyrics to the songs that are being listened to. 
We also conceptualised the 'OMNI Award' a protest against traditional awards where gender is not used in the titles, and listeners vote on their favourite songs based on how it makes them feel. 

We developed designs for vinyl records and posters to be used as promotional elements for the brand, and an in-app map system that shows stores near you that are selling the brands records to keep that traditional element of purchasing music alive. 
Working collaboratively and as part of a team was the catalyst that made this project successful. A week of studio based team work aiming towards a shared goal taught me valuable lessons in collaborative working and gave a great introduction into life as a designers and industry professional. 

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