Throughout my final year of University, I have been project manager of the student team that is responsible for creating, promoting, and fundraising for our end of year degree show. 
As a team, we decided the theme and subsequent title of the show would be 'Stay Connected'. To convey this, we used iconography of symbols that were used to identify students particular tutorial groups during our time of online university. This period of time was particularly challenging for many students, so we used the theme as a means of creating a sense of community between students who've had to quickly adapt to online learning. 
One of the teams responsibilities was to create engaging social media content, particularly for Instagram, to keep the students on the course excited and informed.
Due to COVID-19 restrictions, our degree show is due to be virtual on the website DMU2021 created by our team which requires sound knowledge of UX/UI design. However, in addition to developing and launching the site that displays all of the students work, the team and I have planned and curated an outwards facing exhibition to physically display our own in a way that adheres to current guidelines of social distancing. 
We have planned a trail that leads from our University's student union into Leicester City Centres cultural quarter where local design agencies and creative business will display vinyl posters of student's work in their windows, facing out into the street. This gives friends and family the chance to attend our degree show exhibition in a way that doesn't have to just be online. 

This project is ongoing.

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