Stephen Lawrence Day 

A project for the SLD organisation designing a campaign aimed at young children and parents within communities. The aim is to teach both age groups simultaneously  about diversity and discrimination in our society, and to inspire young BAME people with the legacy of Stephen Lawrence. 
Initial experimentation lead me to the idea of using handprints to represent identity.
This evolved into a country wide campaign entitled 'Look out for...'. The campaign focuses on parks in different locations across England where SLD Handprints can be found for children to interact with. The handprint is made up of the names of different local black heroes of that area. 
Posters using exclamation marks as eyes, created using Letterpress, point to the direction of where the campaign can be found, making it interactive and engaging. 
To further this, posters contain a QR code leading you to the SLD 'Look Out For...' website. Here, parents can collect photos of their child interacting with the campaign and can also learn more information about SLD as well as the black hero's in their community.

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